Matflex mattress


Matflex mattresses are the only ones produced in Italy with SBR/NR NON REGENERATED rubber. Thanks to the Matflex you can reduce maintenance costs and the time taken by labor to keep the bunks of dairy cows clean and comfortable. In addition, Matflex are appreciated both by animals, for comfort, both by farmers, for the satisfaction of animal welfare.

There are several positive aspects to this solution. First, the mattresses are 3 centimeters high, so very firm and stable. Second, in the underlying part, rubber stalks are present throughout the surface of the support, which, in contact with the concrete of the floor, act as a shock absorber. So much that at the point where the animal rests the foot, it sinks, so its support is cushioned. Animals seem to like it a lot.

The width of the Matflex is standard. Another point in favor of Matflex is the system of fixing to the ground by special dowels that do not allow any type of movement to the mattress.

Farmers report that these characteristics of the Matflex adopted in the stable benefit animal welfare: straw has the advantage of drying from moisture and wet. However, to keep the Matflex dry and clean, it is enough to "dust" them with calcium carbonate and/or sawdust about once a day or at most once every two days, it also depends on the season and the climate. To dust them you can use simple manual brushes or use robotic scrapers.

No bovine lying outside the berth or in the lane

As for the animals, we can see that they are better off. Since the Matflex have been resting, you will no longer find an animal lying outside the berth or in the lane, which, in the old stables, still happens. The Matflex can be installed independently by hand, weighing about 52 kg each, thanks to the indications provided by the manufacturer and all the material provided by them for fixing.

Milk quality and animal health

From the point of view of production costs, the presence of Matflex in the berth guarantees a minimum incidence, limited to the initial investment cost, which is however amortised within six months. Subsequently, you will only have the cost of the energy used by any cleaning robot for its handling, if it used.

Farmers report that Matflex are an absolutely positive experience. They see it, above all, from the quality of the milk and the level of health of the herd. The main reason for this is that there is no risk to find organic material which ferments in the case of any cow loses milk.


  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Abbate time of cleaning the berths
  • Improving the welfare of animals
  • Cushioned support
  • Laying in autonomy


  • Rubber mattresses SBR/NR
  • Unique printed in Italy
  • Dimensions: 1260x1870x th.30 mm.
  • Non-slip honeycomb surface
  • Underlying surface with shock-absorbing stalks
  • Predisposition 3 fixing holes

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